Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jill Stuart Lovers ❤

JILL STUART - The famous & luxurious high end cosmetic from Japan is here brought to you exclusively by ShopaholicJS.
A crowned jewel for every princess, innocent, elegant, sexy, fun & savvy. Experience the luxurios exicitement every time & reach for the stars !

JILL STUART Mix Blush Powder
Product Code : JS01
Price : RM 180

JILL STUART Lip Luster 7.6ml
Product Code : JS05 Our Price : RM105.00
Pure lip color with crystal sparkle

JILL STUART Jelly Eye Color
Product Code : JS06 Price : RM 95

Jelly eye color with a fresh & moist texture for eyes with a gem like sheen & clarity.
Fresh, jelly like textured eye colors. Translucent & clear colors.Glides smoothly onto your eyelids & stays fresh for hours to give you a long lasting & beautiful finish. Contains pure crystal powder.

JILL STUART Smooth Silk Powder Foundation
Product Code : JS08 Our Price : RM 195.00

Formulated with "Pure Crystal Powder" and a "Soft Focus Powder" for creating an smooth silk-like even finish while reducing the appearance of pores. It also contains almond oil and wild rose extract to help keep skin moisturised. It also has a "Crystal Floral Bouquet" aroma.

JILL STUART Fruit Lip Balm 7g
Product Code : JS09 Our Price : RM 65.00

Lip treatment to moisturize & protect from dryness. Plumps up your lips & helps soften the appearance of fine lines.
luxurious blend of emollient oil helps keeping your lips smooth, soft and vigorous conditioned. Moisturizing with a mixture of pure emollient element and sweet enrichment, like honeys and nuts, helps preventing the dryness and darkish skin. Moisturized treatment creams helps smooth, refine and tones the lips while improving its ability to retain moisture.
To use
Apply to the lips with your fingertip and slip it on under your lipstick.

JILL STUART Jelly Lip Gloss
Product Code : JS11 Our Price : RM 89.00


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